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Baby Names World Winter English unisex
Behind the Name From the English word for the season, derived from Old English winter. - -
Dictionary the cold season between autumn and spring in northern latitudes (in the Northern Hemisphere from the winter solstice to the vernal equinox; in the Southern Hemisphere from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox). - -
Zelo Born In The Winter English Male
Baby Zone Friend''s hill, friend''s place; surname - -
My Baby Name Year. Anglo-Saxon Masculine
Baby Names Country The English name Winter means - born in winter, winter English -
Ancestry English, German, Danish, and Swedish: nickname or byname for someone of a frosty or gloomy temperament, from Middle English, Middle High German, Danish, Swedish winter (Old English winter, Old High German wintar, Old Norse vetr). The Swedish name can be ornamental.Jewish (Ashkenazic): from German Winter ‘winter’, either an ornamental name or one of the group of names denoting the seasons, which were distributed at random by government officials. Compare Summer, Fruhling, and Herbst.Irish: Anglicized form ( part translation) of Gaelic Mac Giolla-Gheimhridh ‘son of the lad of winter’, from geimhreadh ‘winter’. This name is also Anglicized McAlivery.Mistranslation of French Livernois, which is in fact a habitational name, but mistakenly construed as l’hiver ‘winter’. - N/A
Behind the Surname From the Old English winter or the Old High German wintar (Middle High German winter) meaning "winter". This was the name of farmers who had to deliver their taxes in the winter and of farmers who had their fields in the north of the village. - N/A
20000 Names English name derived from the season name, "winter." The word may derive from Proto-Indo-European *wind-, meaning "white." Feminine
Hamari Web winter English Girl
Baby Name Guide Born in the winter Old English Boy

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Anagrams for name Winter: Twiner - Winter - En Writ - Wren Ti - Wren It - Re Twin
Wniert Tirnew Tneriw Rinetw Riwnet Wnitre Wtienr Ntiwer

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