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20000 Names Greek name of Aramaic origin, meaning "female gazelle." In the New Testament bible, this is the name of a woman restored to life by Peter. The name was translated as Dorkas in Acts 9:36. Feminine
Aboutnames gazelle; in the Bible Tabitha is a Christian woman brought back from the dead by Saint Peter Aramaic female
Baby Name Guide Gazelle Arabic Girl
Baby Names gazelle
Baby Names Country The Greek name Tabitha means - gazelle Greek -
Baby Names World Gazelle Aramaic Feminine
Baby Zone Tab - -
Behind the Name Means "gazelle" in Aramaic. Tabitha in the New Testament was a woman restored to life by Saint Peter. Her name is translated into Greek as Dorcas (see Acts 9:36). As an English name, Tabitha became common after the Protestant Reformation. It was popularized in the 1960s by the television show 'Bewitched', in which Tabitha (sometimes spelled Tabatha) is the daughter of the main character. - -
Hamari Web A Gazelle. Arabic Girl
My Baby Name Gazelle. The gazelle was anciently regarded as a symbolr of graceful beauty. Aramaic Feminine
Namespedia to stand up and speak out, Gazelle - Feminine
Nordic Names Variant spelling (English) of Tabita
Zelo Roe-Buck Hebrew Female

Ce inseamna numele Tabitha? Qu'est-ce que signifie le nom Tabitha? Was bedeutet der Name Tabitha? Mi a Tabitha név jelentése? ¿Cuál es el significado del nombre Tabitha? Cosa significa il nome Tabitha? Hva betyr navnet Tabitha? Jakie jest znaczenie nazwiska Tabitha? Wat betekent de naam Tabitha? Hvad er betydningen af navnet Tabitha? Co znamená jméno Tabitha? Qual é o significado do nome Tabitha? Vad betyder namnet Tabitha? Koje je značenje imena Tabitha?

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Anagrams for name Tabitha: Habitat - Habit At - Bait Hat - A Bah Tit - A Bath It - A Bath Ti - A Baht It - A Baht Ti - A Bat Hit - A Tab Hit
Atibhat Aittahb Itbaaht Aahbitt Ahatbit Taahitb Ttaihab Htaatib

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