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Source Meaning of Ramiro Origin Gender
20000 Names Spanish form of Latin Ramirus, meaning "wise and famous." Boy
Baby Name Guide Judicious Spanish Boy
Baby Names advice / famous, well-known
Baby Names Country The Spanish name Ramiro means - supreme judge Spanish -
Baby Names World Powerful in battle, powerful in army Germanic Masculine
Baby Zone Highest judge - -
Behind the Name Spanish form of Ramirus, a Latinized form of a Visigothic name derived from the Germanic elements ragin "advice" and mari "famous". Saint Ramirus was a 6th-century prior of the Saint Claudius Monastery in Leon. He and several others were executed by the Arian Visigoths, who opposed orthodox Christianity. - Masculine
Hamari Web Judicious; Counsel; Advice Hindi Boy
My Baby Name Judicious. Spanish Masculine
Zelo Supreme Judge Portuguese Male

Ce inseamna numele Ramiro? Qu'est-ce que signifie le nom Ramiro? Was bedeutet der Name Ramiro? Mi a Ramiro név jelentése? ¿Cuál es el significado del nombre Ramiro? Cosa significa il nome Ramiro? Hva betyr navnet Ramiro? Jakie jest znaczenie nazwiska Ramiro? Wat betekent de naam Ramiro? Hvad er betydningen af navnet Ramiro? Co znamená jméno Ramiro? Qual é o significado do nome Ramiro? Vad betyder namnet Ramiro? Koje je značenje imena Ramiro?

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Anagrams for name Ramiro: Amir Or - Armor I - Oar Rim - Roar Mi - A Rim Or - Arm I Or - Mar I Or - Ram I Or - Oar I Mr - A I Mr Or
Rmaroi Rimoar Oimarr Imroar Riarmo Oamrir Raorim Rmoira Miarro Mirroa

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