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20000 Names Latin form of Greek Lakhesis, meaning "apportioner; disposer of lots." In mythology, this is the name of one of the three Fates (Moirae). Feminine
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Baby Zone In Greek mythology, Lachesis was the second of the three fates. Her job was to measure the thread of life spun by Clotho. - -
Behind the Name Means "apportioner" in Greek. She was one of the three Fates or Μοιραι (Moirai) in Greek mythology. She was responsible for deciding how long each person had to live. - -
My Baby Name A Fate. Greek Feminine

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Anagrams for name Lachesis: A Chisels - Leach Sis - Clashes I - Lace Hiss - Scale His - Laces His - Scales Hi - Cash Isle - Cash Leis - Cash Lies
Sliehsac Shicelas Lcihseas Sicheals Salhesic Clasiesh Esihlasc

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