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Baby Names World God is gracious Hebrew Masculine
Behind the Name Derived from Jackin (earlier Jankin), a medieval diminutive of JOHN. It is often regarded as an independent name. During the Middle Ages it was very common, and it became a slang word meaning "man". It was frequently used in fairy tales and nursery rhymes, such as 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'Little Jack Horner', and 'Jack Sprat'. American writers Jack London (1876-1916) and Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) were two famous bearers of this name. - Masculine
Dictionary any of various portable devices for raising or lifting heavy objects short heights, using various mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic methods. - -
Zelo God Is Gracious Hebrew Male
Baby Zone Chan , Gino , Jackie , Jacky , Jax , Johnnie , Johnny , Jonni - -
My Baby Name 'Henry VI, Part 2' Jack Cade, a rebel. Shakespearean Masculine
Baby Names Country The American name Jack means - A form of Jacob or John. Actors Jack Oakie and Jack Nicholson, golf champion Jack Nicklaus, and jazz musician Jack Teagarten share this name American -
Namespedia God is gracious. - Masculine
Search for Ancestors The same as John. - N/A
Behind the Surname From the given name JACK. - N/A
20000 Names Probably originally an Anglicized form of French Jacques, meaning "supplanter," it is now considered a pet form of English John, meaning "God is gracious." Boy
Nordic Names 1) English short form of Jackin (see Jankin)
Baby Names Yahweh is gracious
Hamari Web supplanter English Boy
Baby Name Guide God is gracious Old English Boy

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Jakc Cjak Jcak Kacj Ckaj Kjac

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