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Dictionary a person or thing that hacks. - -
Search for Ancestors (Origin Dutch) From Gwyn, white. - N/A
Last Names (origin: Dutch.) A chopper, a cleaver, hewer; figuratively, a brave soldier. Danish, Hakker, to cut in pieces, to chop, to hoe. Hekker, a hedge, from hekke, a hedge, a protection, place of security. - N/A
Ancestry German (also Häcker), Dutch, and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a butcher, possibly also for a woodcutter, from an agent derivative of Middle High German hacken, Dutch hakken ‘to hack’, ‘to chop’. The Jewish surname may be from Yiddish heker ‘butcher’, holtsheker ‘woodcutter’ (German Holzhacker), or valdheker ‘lumberjack’, or from German Hacker ‘woodchopper’.English (chiefly Somerset): from an agent derivative of Middle English hacken ‘to hack’, hence an occupational name for a woodcutter or, perhaps, a maker of hacks (hakkes), a word used in Middle English to denote a variety of agricultural tools such as mattocks and hoes. - N/A

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Anagrams for name Hacker: Hacker - Hack Re - Rack Eh - Rack He
Hcaerk Karceh Kcerah Racekh Rahcek Hcakre Hkaecr Ckaher

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