Meaning of name Gabriella and popularity around the world + anagrams

Source Meaning of Gabriella Origin Gender
Baby Names World God is my might Hebrew Feminine
Behind the Name Feminine form of GABRIEL - -
Zelo God Is My Strength French Female
Baby Zone God is my strength; feminine form of Gabriel - -
My Baby Name God gives strength. Hebrew Feminine
Baby Names Country The Italian name Gabriella means - a form of Gabriela Italian -
Namespedia - - Feminine
Muslim Names An angel Feminine
20000 Names Feminine form of Italian Gabriele, meaning "man of God" or "warrior of God." Feminine
Nordic Names Female form of Gabriel
Baby Names strong man of God, hero of God; God is my hero
Hamari Web An angel Urdu Girl
Baby Name Guide God is my strength Italian Girl

Ce inseamna numele Gabriella? Qu'est-ce que signifie le nom Gabriella? Was bedeutet der Name Gabriella? Mi a Gabriella név jelentése? ¿Cuál es el significado del nombre Gabriella? Cosa significa il nome Gabriella? Hva betyr navnet Gabriella? Jakie jest znaczenie nazwiska Gabriella? Wat betekent de naam Gabriella? Hvad er betydningen af navnet Gabriella? Co znamená jméno Gabriella? Qual é o significado do nome Gabriella? Vad betyder namnet Gabriella? Koje je značenje imena Gabriella?

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Anagrams for name Gabriella: Baa Grille - Airbag Ell - Labial Erg - Areal Glib - Algal Brie - Algal Bier - Raga Libel - Agar Libel - Gable Lira - Gable Rial
Labgirlae Lalbaiger Lalibaegr Earlagilb Lgiabreal

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