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Baby Names World Bird of prey; eagle English Masculine
Dictionary any of several large, soaring birds of prey belonging to the hawk family Accipitridae, noted for their size, strength, and powers of flight and vision: formerly widespread in North America, eagles are mostly confined to Alaska and a few isolated populations. Compare bald eagle, golden eagle. - -
Search for Ancestors (Anglo-French-Latin) a nickname or sign-name from the Eagle [Anglo-French egle, Old French aigle, Latin aquilla]. (Origin English) the Anglo-Saxon personal name Aegel, Egil = Dread, Terrible [Old English ege, awe, dread + the suffix -el]. - N/A
Ancestry English (mainly East Anglia): nickname for a lordly, impressive, or sharp-eyed man, from Middle English egle ‘eagle’ (from Old French aigle, from Latin aquila).English (of Norman origin): habitational name from Laigle in Orne, France, the name of which ostensibly means ‘the eagle’, although it is possible that the recorded forms result from the operation of early folk etymology on some unknown original. Matilda de Aquila is recorded in 1129 as the widow of Robert Mowbray, Earl of Northumberland.Jewish: translation into English of Adler. - N/A

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Anagrams for name Eagle: Eagle - A Glee - Age El - La Gee
Ealeg Lagee Aelge Geela Elgae Legae Alege Eagel Leega Elage Aleeg Elaeg Eelga Eegla

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