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Source Meaning of Deirdre Origin Gender
20000 Names Celtic legend name of a tragic heroine who committed suicide after the murder of her lover. She is sometimes referred to as Deirdre of the Sorrows. The name is of uncertain derivation. Some sources give the meaning "young girl." Feminine
Baby Name Guide Melancholy or sorrowful Irish Girl
Baby Names maybe sorrowful
Baby Names Country The Irish name Deirdre means - A name that means "sorrowful" or "wanderer." Deirdre is the heroine of an old Irish folk tale Irish -
Baby Names World Uncertain, perhaps "sorrow, grief" Gaelic Feminine
Baby Zone Melancholy; In Celtic legend, Deirdre died of a broken heart. - -
Behind the Name From the older Gaelic form Derdriu, meaning unknown, possibly derived from a Celtic word meaning "woman". This was the name of a tragic character in Irish legend who died of a broken heart after Conchobhar, the king of Ulster, forced her to be his bride and killed her lover Naoise.It has only been commonly used as a given name since the 20th century, influenced by two plays featuring the character: William Butler Yeats' 'Deirdre' (1907) and J. M. Synge's 'Deirdre of the Sorrows' (1910). - -
Dictionary Irish Legend. the wife of Naoise, who killed herself after her husband had been murdered by his uncle, King Conchobar. - Feminine
Hamari Web Uncertain English Girl
My Baby Name Sorrowful. Celtic Feminine
Name Nerds perhaps "chatterer" or "woman," or could be derived from a name beginning with der- meaning "daughter (of)"
Zelo Sorrowful Irish Female

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Anagrams for name Deirdre: Redder I - Died Err - Dried Re - Redid Re - Ed Drier - Ed Direr - Ed Rider - Deer Rid - Reed Rid - Erred Id
Edrired Erdedir Diererd Eredird Dedirer Eddirer Ddireer Rreidde Dderrei Rdeedri Idreedr

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