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Source Meaning of calvin Origin Gender
20000 Names English name derived from Latin Calvinus, meaning "little bald one." Boy
Aboutnames the little bald one; originally a family name 'Chauvin' used in France, known from Jean Chauvin (John Calvin) (1509-1564) Old French male
Ancestry Southern French: nickname for a bald man, from a diminutive of Old Occitan calv ‘bald’ (from Latin calvus).Spanish (Calvín): from a regional variant of a diminutive of calvo ‘bald’. - N/A
Baby Name Guide Bald French Boy
Baby Names the little bald one
Baby Names Country The Latin name Calvin means - bald Latin -
Baby Names World Bald French Masculine
Baby Zone Cal - -
Behind the Name Derived from the French surname Chauvin, which was derived from chauve "bald". The surname was borne by Jean Chauvin (1509-1564), a theologian from France who was one of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation. His surname was Latinized as Calvinus (based on Latin calvus "bald") and he is known as John Calvin in English. It has been used as a given name in his honour since the 19th century. - Masculine
Dictionary John (Jean Chauvin or Caulvin), 1509–64, French theologian and reformer in Switzerland: leader in the Protestant Reformation. - Masculine
Hamari Web Bald English Boy
My Baby Name Bald. The Roman family clan Calvin. Latin Masculine
Nordic Names English name taken from the French surname of the French Protestant theologian Jean Calvin (1509-64). The surname meant originally 'little bald one', from a diminutive of ''calve'', a Norman and Picard form of French ''chauve'' = 'bald'
Search for Ancestors (French-Latin) Bald [French calvin, Low Latin Calvin-us, from Latin calv-us, bald] - N/A
Zelo Bald Latin Male

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Clainv Vanlic Vlinac Nalivc Nacliv Clavni Cvailn Lvacin

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