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Source Meaning of Caden Origin Gender
20000 Names Irish surname transferred to forename use, from McCadden, an Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cadáin "son of Cadán," hence "little battle." Boy
Aboutnames son of Cadán; maybe from a Gaelic family name 'Mac Cadáin' (son of Cadán) Old Irish male
Ancestry Irish and Scottish: reduced and altered form of McCadden. - N/A
Baby Name Guide Barrel English Boy
Baby Names son of Cadán
Baby Names Country The American name Caden means - a form of Kadin American -
Baby Names World N/A English Masculine
Behind the Name Sometimes explained as a derivative of the Irish surname Caden, which is a reduced form of the Gaelic surname Mac Cadáin meaning "son of Cadán". In actuality, its popularity in America beginning in the 1990s is due to its sound - it shares its fashionable aden suffix sound with other popular names like Hayden, Aidan and Braden. - Masculine
My Baby Name Spirit of battle. See also Kade. Welsh Masculine
Namespedia - Masculine
Zelo Round Old Englis Male

Ce inseamna numele Caden? Qu'est-ce que signifie le nom Caden? Was bedeutet der Name Caden? Mi a Caden név jelentése? ¿Cuál es el significado del nombre Caden? Cosa significa il nome Caden? Hva betyr navnet Caden? Jakie jest znaczenie nazwiska Caden? Wat betekent de naam Caden? Hvad er betydningen af navnet Caden? Co znamená jméno Caden? Qual é o significado do nome Caden? Vad betyder namnet Caden? Koje je značenje imena Caden?

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Anagrams for name Caden: Caned - Dance - Cad En - Can Ed
Caend Anedc Cedan Ednac Dcane Ecdan Cadne Cande Ceadn Ceand Cneda

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