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Source Meaning of Baba Origin Gender
20000 Names A surname of uncertain origin, but the word is nearly the same in all languages, signifying a young child of either sex. German bube, "a boy"; Greek baba, an inarticulate sound, as of an infant crying out, hence a child. Boy
Ancestry Japanese: from a word meaning ‘horse-riding ground’, ‘race track’; a common place name. The surname is found mostly in west central Japan. One Baba family in Kai (now Yamanashi prefecture) were samurai, vassals of the Takeda family.Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Hungarian: from the Slavic word baba ‘old woman’, ‘grandmother’, ‘witch’, hence an unflattering nickname for a man thought to resemble an old woman. In Czech baba can also mean ‘coward’.Hungarian (Bába): habitational name from one of many places called Bába, in Abaúj, Borsod, Somogy, and Vas counties of Hungary, and Közép-Szolnok county, now in Romania.Arabic (Baba): from a diminutive of Abu ‘father’. - N/A
Baby Name Guide Born on Thursday Fante, Ghana Girl
Baby Names Country The African name Baba means - born on Thursday African -
Baby Names World Thursday born African Feminine
Baby Zone Osiris'' firstborn - -
Hamari Web Father, old, cute baby Persian Boy
My Baby Name Father. A Swahili name used in the East Africa region. Egyptian -
Namespedia old woman, the name exist in Slavonian too - -
Pakistan Web A cute baby, Baap, Buzurg Persian Boy
Russian Names grandmother
Search for Ancestors German, Bube, a boy; Greek, Baba, an inarticulate sound, as of an infant crying out; hence, a little child; to say Baba, that is, father or Papa. The word is nearly the same in all languages; it signifies a young child of either sex. - N/A

Ce inseamna numele Baba? Qu'est-ce que signifie le nom Baba? Was bedeutet der Name Baba? Mi a Baba név jelentése? ¿Cuál es el significado del nombre Baba? Cosa significa il nome Baba? Hva betyr navnet Baba? Jakie jest znaczenie nazwiska Baba? Wat betekent de naam Baba? Hvad er betydningen af navnet Baba? Co znamená jméno Baba? Qual é o significado do nome Baba? Vad betyder namnet Baba? Koje je značenje imena Baba?

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Baab Abab Abba Aabb Bbaa

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