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There are very many sites on the Internet about meaning of names. Some of them are very subjective while others have reliable information.
Meaning of name synthesizes information from top sites to help you make an objective idea about name meanings.

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Gomez, Jalendra, Aarushi, Olomut, Dharamputra, Jacynthe, Mavis, Behrang, Ditmar, Indemira, Cealicu, Florut, Napea, Yamanu, Gelen, Basheer, Westleah, Hidajete, Firca, Leir, Chelsia, Shajee, Dihor, Himangini, Scurea, Michaud, Damasia, Jekateriina, Audgaut, Iannuarii, Armes, Ushria, Pariman, Gitano, Bistreanu, Funoon, Himadri, Walentya, Nantoi, Galicea, Manveer, Rajendar, Shablyka, Sharavindu, Nanjundan, Jackleen, Dobosescu, Wilbrecht, Bhanushri, Dhanu.

Behind Names

Over the history names have been basic clues about someone's personality, occupation or appearance. Each nation has different name practices which are are also important to know. Some have traditions to pass the names from generation to generation while others use names related to individuals. Generally meanings of names weight more in Asia and Africa than in Europe and North America, where it is much more important how a name sounds like than what it actually means. Most of the western people have no idea about the meaning of their own name.
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