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Source Meaning of Xenophon Origin Gender
Baby Names WorldForeign voiceGreekMasculine
Behind the NameMeans "foreign voice", derived from Greek ξενος (xenos) "foreign, strange" and φωνη (phone) "voice". This was the name of a 4th-century BC Greek historian.-Masculine
Baby ZoneThe new house; popularized by the sixteenth-century Jesuit missionary Saint Francis Xavier--
My Baby NameStrange voice.GreekMasculine
Baby Names CountryThe Greek name Xenophon means - strange voiceGreek-
Namespedia EuropeMasculine
20000 NamesGreek name composed of the elements xenos "foreign, strange" and phone "voice," hence "foreign voice."Boy

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Anagrams for name Xenophon: Xenon Hop - Hen No Pox - Hen On Pox - En Hon Pox - Pen Hon Ox
Nexhoonp Onnepoxh Hxoponen Nnepoohx Xnoonpeh Nonopexh Xopehonn Nexophon Nponhexo Nxehopno Ehnopnox Pnooxehn

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