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Ancestry English: unexplained. The surname is well established in England (Yorkshire and Norfolk) as well as North America, and there is a Womack Water in Norfolk, but the name remains unexplained. It may possibly be connected with Dutch Walmack, from Middle Dutch walmac(k)e ‘twig’, ‘faggot’, applied as a nickname for a thin person.-N/A
Behind the Surname Of uncertain origin. One theory suggests that it means "dweller by a hollow oak tree" from the Old English wamb, womb meaning "hollow" and oc, ac "oak". Another less likely possibility is that it is related to the Dutch word walmacke meaning "twig", perhaps denoting a thin person.-N/A

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Anagrams for name Womack: Mac Wok - Cam Wok - Aw Mock
Wmocka Wamkoc Kamocw Komcaw Cokwam Cwokam Wmoakc Kamowc

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