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Source Meaning of Trevelyan Origin Gender
20000 NamesCornish surname derived from a place name meaning "settlement of Elian."Surname
Ancestry -N/A
Baby Names CountryThe English name Trevelyan means - Elian's homesteadEnglish-
Baby Names WorldMill settlement, mill homesteadCornishMasculine
Baby ZoneTeri , Terri , Terrie , Terry , Tess , Tessa , Tessia , Tessie , Toussnint , Trahern , Tramaine , Traugott , Trautwein , Addey--
Behind the NameFrom a surname which was derived from a Cornish place name meaning "homestead on the hill".-Masculine
DictionaryGeorge Macaulay, 1876–1962, English historian.--
Last Names (origin: Local Cor. Br.) Trevellyan, the town of the mill. Welsh, Tremelin, or Trevelin.-N/A
My Baby NameFrom Elian's home.WelshMasculine
Search for Ancestors (Origin Cornish British) Trevellyan, the town of the mill. Welsh, Tremelin, or Trevelin.-N/A

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Anagrams for name Trevelyan: Leaven Try - Ventral Ye - Vernal Yet - Nearly Vet - Leant Very - Neatly Rev - Venal Tyre - Venal Trey - Navel Tyre - Navel Trey
Yretevanl Enavyrlet Vtynereal Rtenvyale Ytanelrev Evanterly

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