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Source Meaning of Tor Origin Gender
Baby Name GuideSon of PellinoreOld EnglishBoy
Baby Namesthunder
Baby Names CountryThe Norwegian name Tor means - thunderNorwegian-
Baby Names WorldConqueror; victoryLatinFeminine
Baby ZoneHighly praiseworthy; abbreviation of Anthony and its variants, used since medieval times as an independent name--
Behind the NameModern Scandinavian form of Þórr (see THOR). It was not used as a personal name until the 18th century. It is sometimes used as a short form of names of Old Norse origin that begin with the element Tor, which is also from Þórr.-Masculine
My Baby NameOne who is the king. A Tiv name used in the West Africa region.AfricanMasculine
Nordic NamesModern form of Þórr
ZeloFrom The Norse God Of Strength And ThunderOld NorseMale

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Anagrams for name Tor: Ort - Rot - Tor
Tro Otr Rot Rto Ort

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