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Baby Name GuideWiseGreekBoy
Baby Names CountryThe Greek name Socrates means - wise, learned. History: a famous ancient Greek philosopherGreek-
Baby ZoneMeaning unknown; Socrates was an ancient and influential Greek philosopher and teacher.--
Behind the NameFrom the Greek name Σωκρατης (Sokrates), which was derived from σως (sos) "whole, unwounded, safe" and κρατος (kratos) "power". This was the name of an important Greek philosopher. He left no writings of his own; virtually everything that we know of his beliefs comes from his pupil Plato. He was sentenced to death for impiety.-Masculine
My Baby NameName of a philosopher.GreekMasculine
Nordic NamesLatin spelling of the Greek name ''Σωκρατης (Sokrates)''

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Anagrams for name Socrates: Coasters - Socrates - Coarsest - A Corsets - A Sectors - A Escorts - Ace Sorts - Race Toss - Race Sots - Care Toss
Tsearsoc Srecasot Scersaot Secraost Sosratec Csoteasr Asersotc

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