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Source Meaning of Presley Origin Gender
Ancestry English: variant of Priestley.Americanized form of German Pressler.-N/A
Baby Name GuideFrom the priest's meadowOld EnglishBoy
Baby Namespriest / wood, clearing, meadow
Baby Names CountryThe English name Presley means - priest's meadowEnglish-
Baby Names WorldPriest clearingEnglishMasculine
Baby ZoneFrom the priest''s meadow; a surname evocative of Elvis Presley--
Behind the NameFrom an English surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning "priest clearing" (Old English preost and leah). This surname was borne by musician Elvis Presley (1935-1977).--
DictionaryElvis (Aron), 1935–77, U.S. rock-'n'-roll singer.-Masculine
My Baby NameFrom the priest's meadow.EnglishMasculine
ZeloPriests FieldEnglishUnisex

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Anagrams for name Presley: Eel Spry - Lee Spry - Leer Spy - Reel Spy - Else Pry - Eels Pry - Lees Pry - Peer Sly - Sere Ply - Seer Ply
Ryseple Speyrel Persyel Reypesl Pyresle Lpeerys Elpysre Sereply Plysere Eprylse

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