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Source Meaning of Mac Origin Gender
Baby Names WorldSon ofGaelicMasculine
Dictionarya mackintosh.--
ZeloSon OfScottishMale
Baby ZoneMack , Maks--
My Baby NameSon of.CelticMasculine
Baby Names CountryThe Scottish name Mac means - sonScottish-
Namespedia makes it possible -Masculine
Ancestry Vietnamese: unexplained.Shortened form of any of the many Scottish and Irish surnames formed with Gaelic mac ‘son of’.-N/A
20000 NamesIrish Gaelic name meaning "son of oak." This is the name of a patron saint and is still common in Ireland, especially in Connemara.Boy
Baby Name GuideSonScottishBoy

Ce inseamna numele Mac? Qu'est-ce que signifie le nom Mac? Was bedeutet der Name Mac? Mi a Mac név jelentése? ¿Cuál es el significado del nombre Mac? Cosa significa il nome Mac? Hva betyr navnet Mac? Jakie jest znaczenie nazwiska Mac? Wat betekent de naam Mac? Hvad er betydningen af navnet Mac? Co znamená jméno Mac? Qual é o significado do nome Mac? Vad betyder namnet Mac? Koje je značenje imena Mac?

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Anagrams for name Mac: Mac - Cam
Mca Amc Cam Cma Acm

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