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Source Meaning of Jackie Origin Gender
Baby Names WorldN/A-unisex
Behind the NameDiminutive of either JACK or JACQUELINE-Masculine & Feminine
Dictionarya female given name, form of Jacqueline. -Masculine
ZeloTo ProtectAmericanFemale
Baby ZoneChan , Gino , Jack , Jackie , Jacky , Jax , Johnnie , Johnny , Jonni--
My Baby NameGod has been gracious; has shown favor. Based on John or Jacques.Scottish-
Baby Names CountryThe American name Jackie means - A familiar form of Jacqueline. Among the notable people with this name is romance author Jackie CollinsAmerican-
20000 NamesPet form of English Jackalyn, meaning "supplanter." Compare with masculine Jackie.Feminine
Baby NamesYahweh is gracious
Hamari WebsupplanterEnglishGirl
Baby Name GuideGod is graciousOld EnglishBoy

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Kaecij Ekcaij Ikajce Eacikj Eajcik Icekja Ijaekc Jcakei Ekcaji Jkaice Ckajie

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