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Baby Names WorldWoman of the throneAncient EgyptianFeminine
Behind the NameGreek form of Egyptian Ist (reconstructed as Iset or Ueset), which possibly meant "the throne". In Egyptian mythology Isis was the goddess of the sky and nature, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus. She was originally depicted wearing a throne-shaped headdress, but in later times she was conflated with the goddess Hathor and depicted having the horns of a cow on her head. She was also worshipped by people outside of Egypt, such as the Greeks and Romans.--
ZeloMost Powerful Of Greek GoddessesEgyptianFemale
Baby ZoneMost powerful of the female Egyptian goddesses, she was consort and sister to Osirus, mother of Horus, and is usually depicted as a motherly woman with arms wide open. Isis was worshipped at the Island of Philae, and was later worshipped over the entire Roman Empire.--
My Baby NameMythical goddess of magic. Isis is the most powerful of all female goddesses; sister to Osiris.EgyptianFeminine
Baby Names CountryThe Egyptian name Isis means - supreme goddess. Mythology: the goddess of nature and fertilityEgyptian-
NamespediaGoddess of Fertility -Feminine
20000 NamesGreek form of Coptic Esi, meaning "(female) of the throne," which is usually translated "Queen of the throne." This name is a corruption of her true name which is unknown because Egyptian hieroglyphs left out most of the vowels. In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of magic.Feminine
Nordic NamesLatin spelling of ''Ισις (Isis)'', a Greek form of the Egyptian name ''Iset'' meaning 'throne, place'
Baby Namesmaybe mistress of the throne
Hamari WebPowerful; The Supreme GodHindiBoy
Baby Name GuideGoddess of the underworldEgyptianGirl

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Anagrams for name Isis: I Sis
Issi Sisi Siis Ssii Iiss

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