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Source Meaning of Harcourt Origin Gender
20000 NamesEnglish surname transferred to forename use, composed of the Old English elements heafocere "falconer, hawker" and cot "hut," hence "from the falconer's/hawker's hut."Boy
Ancestry English (of Norman origin) and French: habitational name from places in Eure and Calvados named Harcourt, from Old French cour(t) (see Court) with an obscure first element.English: habitational name from either of two places in Shropshire named Harcourt. The one near Cleobury Mortimer gets the name from Old English heafocere ‘hawker’, ‘falconer’ + cot ‘hut’, ‘cottage’; the one near Wem has as its first element Old English hearpere (see Harper).-N/A
Baby Name GuideFortified dwellingFrenchBoy
Baby Names CountryThe French name Harcourt means - fortified dwellingFrench-
Baby Names WorldArmyFrenchMasculine
Baby ZoneFrom the fortified farm; surname used as first name--
Hamari Webfalconer, hawkerEnglishGirl
Last Names (origin: Local) From the lordship of Harcourt, in Normandy. Har, from Saxon Here, an army, and court.-N/A
My Baby Name'King Henry IV, Part 2' One of the King's party.ShakespeareanMasculine
Search for Ancestors (Locality). From the lordship of Harcourt, in Normandy. Har, from Saxon Here, an army, and court.-N/A
ZeloFrom The Fortified FarmFrenchMale

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Anagrams for name Harcourt: Roach Rut - Arch Rout - Arch Tour - Char Rout - Char Tour - Chart Our - Orca Hurt - Orca Thru - Carrot Uh - Cart Hour
Uhroctar Otahrucr Rtaorcuh Tahcourr Tocruahr Rhaurotc

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