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Dictionaryflour or meal made from cereal grains and cooked as cereal, used in puddings, soups, etc.--
My Baby NameWanderingEnglishFeminine
Ancestry Italian: from farina ‘wheat flour’ (Latin farina), a metonymic occupational name for a miller or flour merchant. In some cases it may also have been a nickname for someone with a pale complexion.Galician and Asturian-Leonese (Fariña): from Galician and Asturian-Leonese fariña ‘wheat flour’ (Latin farina; compare 1).possibly also Catalan: from farina ‘flour’ (from Latin farina; compare 1).-N/A
Behind the Surname From a nickname indicating somebody who produces "meal" or "flour", that is a miller.-N/A
Pakistan WebAmeer khatoonArabicGirl

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Anagrams for name Farina: Farina - A Infra - Afar In - Fa Rani - Fa Iran - Fa Rain - Fair An - Fan Air - Far Ani - A Far In
Franai Firaan Airanf Irnaaf Niafra Aarnif Naafir Nraifa Airafn Fianra Riafna Rifnaa

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