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Behind the NameFrom the Hebrew name חַוָּה (Chawwah), which was derived from the Hebrew word חוה (chawah) "to breathe" or the related word חיה (chayah) "to live". According to the Old Testament Book of Genesis, Eve and Adam were the first humans. She gave the forbidden fruit to Adam, causing their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Despite this potentially negative association, the name was occasionally used during the Middle Ages. In the English-speaking world both Eve and the Latin form Eva were revived in the 19th century.--
Dictionary(sometimes initial capital letter) the evening or the day before a holiday, church festival, or any date or event: Christmas Eve; the eve of an execution. -Feminine
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Baby ZoneLife; In the Bible, Eve was Adam''s wife and the first woman. Eva is a name used in many countries throughout the world.--
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Baby Names CountryThe Hebrew name Eve means - life. Bible: the first woman created by GodHebrew-
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Ancestry English and Dutch: from the rare medieval female personal name Eve, Eva (from Hebrew Chava, of uncertain origin). This was, according to the Book of Genesis, the name of the first woman, and in some cases the name may have been acquired by someone (invariably a man) who had played the part in a drama dealing with the Creation.-N/A
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20000 NamesAnglicized form of Greek Eva (Latin Heva, Hebrew Chavvah), meaning "life." In the bible, this is the name of the first woman, Adam's wife.Feminine
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