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DictionaryCi·pri·a·no  /ˌsɪpriˈɑnoʊ; Sp. ˌsipriˈɑnɔ/ Show Spelled[sip-ree-ah-noh; Sp. see-pree-ah-naw] Show IPA, 1858?–1924, Venezuelan military and political leader: president 1901–08; exiled 1908.--
NamespediaOne who lives near or in a castle. EuropeMasculine
Search for Ancestors (Spanish) ‘castle’, ‘fortified building’ -N/A
Behind the Surname Means "castle" in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and referred to one who lived near a castle.-N/A

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Anagrams for name Castro: Actors - Scrota - Costar - Castor - Car Sot - Arc Sot - Scar To - Arcs To - Cars To - Cart So
Csarot Otsarc Rtacso Rsotca Rcaots Csator Otsacr Ctarso Stacro

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