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Ancestry English: metonymic occupational name for a maker of rope, especially the type of stout rope used in maritime applications, from Anglo-Norman French cable ‘cable’ (Late Latin capulum ‘halter’, of Arabic origin, but associated by folk etymology with Latin capere ‘to seize’).English: possibly from an Old English personal name, Ceadbeald.English: metonymic occupational name for a horseman, from Middle English cabal ‘horse’.From German Göbel (see Goebel), assimilated to the English name.-N/A
Baby Name GuideRopemakerEnglishBoy
Baby Names CountryThe English name Cable means - rope makerEnglish-
Baby Names WorldRopeEnglishMasculine
Baby ZoneRope, ropemaker; also an English surname--
Dictionarya heavy, strong rope.--
My Baby NameRopemaker. An English surname.EnglishMasculine
Search for Ancestors (Origin French) Cabel (and later Cabeau), probably of Celtic origin, with the French diminutive suffix -el, Latin -ell-us. An occupation surname for the maker of ropes-N/A
ZeloRopemaker An English SurnameEnglishMale

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Anagrams for name Cable: Cable - Cab El - Lac Be
Caleb Labce Bcela Lbeac Bcael Alebc Cabel Lecba Caebl Clabe Alecb Claeb Celba Acebl Cebla

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