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20000 NamesEnglish surname of German origin, composed of the elements bach "brook" and man "man," hence "brook-man."Boy
Ancestry English (mainly northern): topographic name for someone who lived on a hill or at the rear of a settlement, from Middle English bakke ‘back’, ‘spine’ + man ‘man’. Compare Backer.Swedish: ornamental name composed of the elements back(e) ‘hill’ + man ‘man’.Swedish (Bäck(man)): ornamental name composed of the elements bäck ‘stream’ + man ‘man’.German: variant of Bachmann.German: occupational name for a baker or employee of a master baker, from backen ‘to bake’ + man(n) ‘man’. Compare Beckmann.-N/A
Search for Ancestors Backman German, Bach, a brook, and man. Boekman bookman. Back, in some places, a ferry; Backman, a ferryman.-N/A

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Anagrams for name Backman: Back Man - Bank Mac - Bank Cam
Bcaknam Mabcank

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