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Source Meaning of Ashanti Origin Gender
20000 NamesAfrican American name derived from a region of present-day Ghana once known as the Gold Coast where many slaves came from. It is also the name of the ethnic group of people who live there.Feminine
Aboutnames use of the name of an African tribe in the country of Ghana as a given nameUnknownfemale
Baby Names CountryThe Swahili name Ashanti means - from a tribe in West AfricaSwahili-
Baby Names WorldN/AAfricanFeminine
Behind the NameFrom the name of an African people who reside in southern Ghana. It possibly means "warlike" in the Twi language.--
Dictionarya former native kingdom and British colony in W Africa: now a region of Ghana. 1,505,049; 9700 sq. mi. (25,123 sq. km). Capital: Kumasi.--
My Baby NameVariant of Asanti, name of a tribe in Ghana.African-

Ce inseamna numele Ashanti? Qu'est-ce que signifie le nom Ashanti? Was bedeutet der Name Ashanti? Mi a Ashanti név jelentése? ¿Cuál es el significado del nombre Ashanti? Cosa significa il nome Ashanti? Hva betyr navnet Ashanti? Jakie jest znaczenie nazwiska Ashanti? Wat betekent de naam Ashanti? Hvad er betydningen af navnet Ashanti? Co znamená jméno Ashanti? Qual é o significado do nome Ashanti? Vad betyder namnet Ashanti? Koje je značenje imena Ashanti?

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Anagrams for name Ashanti: Aha Nits - Aha Snit - Aha Tins - Asia Nth - Satan Hi - Ah Satin - Ah Stain - Ah Antis - Ah Saint - Ha Satin
Saahtin Siahant Sanaith Ahisant Saniaht Ahsaitn Stiahan Nsahtia Sanhait Aistanh Thaansi Tasinah Haasint

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