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20000 NamesLatin form of Greek Alekto, meaning "unceasing." In mythology, this is the name of one of the Furies (Gr. Erinyes, Eumenides). Virgil named two others: Megaera "grudge," and Tisiphone "murder-retribution."Feminine
Behind the NameLatinized form of Greek Αληκτω (Alekto) which was derived from αληκτος (alektos) "unceasing". This was the name of one of the Furies or Ερινυες (Erinyes) in Greek mythology.--

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Anagrams for name Alecto: Locate - Ace Lot - Lace To - Lac Toe - Taco El - Coat El - Act Ole - Cat Ole - Ale Cot - Lea Cot
Aeltoc Cloeta Aceolt Ocelta Cetola Caetlo Oletca Tloace Olaetc Teocal Lotaec Taloce Aelcot Ocelat Otaecl Eclato Ecatol

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